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well the title is inspired because I have also begun training. weight loss is a part of my goal but the end goal is to compete in the 2012 washington state greco tourney. In order to do so we will need to get me down to 185lbs, put as much muscle on while doing so and get some type of conditioning.

to do so we have hired a personal trainer, got a gym membership and joined a nogi jiujitsu class for cross training and grappling conditioning. I have been coaching westling almost year round for 5 or six years now and want to clear my head from it while getting in shape so that when I start training full time in october it will be with the new body. This is to keep me from bringing mental limitations onto the mat. My personal motivation is from qualifying for state tournaments 3x in highschool but never winning a match at state. May not change this time but I will be able to say that nothing was held back which cant be said about the other 3x.

It's been a month and here's some numbers.
weight from 197 to 190.6lbs
maintaning 3000 calories a day with nutrition as the goal
mile from 10:30 to 7:54
unable to do back to back 4 min goes to doing 8x 4min goes with 1 min breaks at jiujitsu.
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