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This is what I did in early 2006. If I'm cutting, I still follow the same principles except that I do heavy lifting (8 reps or less) rather than the "bodybuilding range" (12 reps or less).

All the diet math is there (just apply it to your size), sample meals, "yes" foods, the actual workouts I'd done, and ideas for motivation. Should serve as a good guide.

Weight loss/weight gain is basically nothing more than finding your maintenance calories (the amount of calories you should consume to maintain the same weight) and subtracting about 500 calories a day to lose 1 pound over the course of the week and adding 500 a day to gain 1 pound over the course of the week. Now getting the right amount of proper food intake from your protein, carbs, and fats as well as the training will ultimately determine if you're going to lose mostly fat or mostly muscle (or both) or gain mostly fat or mostly muscle (it's always both unless you're just VERY fortunate). I'm using the example of 500 calories because 1 pound is a very safe speed with which to lose/gain weight as it seems to make it more permanent compared to rapid losses and gains. The diet math in the article should work fine for you as it has thousands of people (same program as the fatloss program on

Good luck!
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