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Ya,my biggest culprit is soda and eating out alot. I eat okay at work usually chicken/fish/turkey with my favs;broccli-calliflower or green beans. I may only eat once or twice at work then eat when I get home and maybe a small snack later...
So,if I can cut down on my sweets and soda that would be half the battle I think. If I can avoid the fries,soda,and other stuff if I do eat out it should be better.

*side note carbs are good for energy,so before I work out(kickbox as well) is eating stuff high in carbs better or eating like a protein bar better and how far ahead of work out should this of now I tend to eat a peanut butter sandwhich w/and apple plus water,but I still find myself gassing quick(though some is probably my sinus/allergies affecting my breathing).
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