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Some do some don't, but those blood tests can easily be tricked, much the same way people can trick the steroid tests.

Like my other post had said, steroid users also can test low because they screw up the way their body naturally produces it.

Anyways the bottom line is hes been doing this since 2008 and if he didn't get the wrong amount or at the wrong time, or he didn't follow every protocol then hed still be doing it an nobody would know.

So since he followed protocol earlier and it was ok, would him peeing the same level warrant a suspension even though he had medical allowance?

People can think what they want, but I feel he did abuse the system to try and cheat, just like he tried to cheat and abuse the system with his money laundering scheme.
well, from what i have read, randy, henderson and lindland were on this and what's funny is they were all in the same camp ... LOL ... and i think chael trained with them for a bit ... the part i don't buy is that chael said he never went through puberty and stuff ... that is just bs ... i mean, he could have been a great collegiate athlete being half a man, but i doubt it ...
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