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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
He wasn't getting shots (I didn't think)
He is prescribed TST because his body doesn't produce enough natural test.
(its actually common)

My understanding was that you have to redo any prescribed drugs every fight.
(Makes complete sense)

and Sonnen just didn't re submit the paperwork for his next fight in Cali,
because they had approved it before.

If that was the case, he made the mistake, he pays for it.
I just don't know how they're suspending a lic that doesn't exist right now.
BUT, if he did lie at his previous hearing I can see how they might deny him a future license.
It is common, because holistic doctors prescribe it to anyone for anything. All you have to tell them is your tired and unable to have sex and they will write it up for you. By the way its also common for people who abused steroids too ...

Sonnen said he was told he didn't have to by the Csac which wasn't true, when asked why he didn't fill it in on the pre fight questionnaire he said because he was embarrassed because other fighters like to look over the shoulder.

In that last statement I quoted Sonnen twice, both statement contradict each other. If you want a third, he said to the one doc he was going to piss hot, if you want a forth, he said he didn't know there were different Docs ? Do you see how many stories surround this 1 incident. Talk about 1 lie to try and cover up another lie.
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