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[QUOTE=que;166385]@jakeshieldsajj I would never challenge one of Cesar Gracie's guys, but you've been calling me out for years.Let's do it! I'll contact Dana!/bjpenndotcom/s...99162985504768

Jake Shields: I'm a BJ fan but let's get it on. Make the call RT

@bjpenndotcom even better, let's make it the first 5 round non-title fight

@jakeshieldsajj If that makes you feel more confident..... sure.
25 minutes ago[/QUOTE]

The reason BJ posted that was in response to this from jake:

Oops looks like Jake deleted what he posted!! OMg what a creep so now it looks like it was just Penn saying stuff! Basically a fan of his was saying it would be a good fight him vs Bj and Jake agreed so that's why Bj responded with the comment..
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