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Default The NY times hates MMA?

Promoters of ultimate fighting, or mixed martial arts, are eyeing New York State as a new venue for their blood-soaked slugfests.

Big companies from Las Vegas are promoting the new sport —
which has much the same flavor as a particularly vicious street fight —
in more than a dozen states and on television.
In New York, they have hired some of the oiliest lobbyists to start the legislative version of arm twisting.

The most forceful arguments against this “sport” come from the British Medical Association, which is battling to ban both ultimate fighting and boxing. A quick read of their take on ultimate fighting makes it sound barbaric indeed.

The British medical establishment declared that

doctors cannot stand by while violent fighting tournaments are allowed to take place. Large amounts of money can be earned by participants, promoters and others linked to ultimate fighting but no amount of money can compensate for permanent brain damage and premature death.
I thought we got past all this? *sigh*
being uneducated on something and reporting on it is very very stupid.
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