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"If they do make that match and me and Jake get to fight, heís not a hard guy to figure out. I feel like I can beat him right now. Thereís a lot of things in the past that I wasnít doing correctly. It was kind of a learning process for me. This sport still being so new, earlier in my career I loved to compete and I was making a little bit of money, but I donít think I was as focused and disciplined as I am now. Iíve surrounded myself with such good people. Good coaching and training partners, guys that really believe in me."
Jake Ellenberger has been calling out Jake Shields ever since Shields defected to the UFC from Strikeforce.

Not a hard guy to figure out is an understatement. Shields makes it no secret, he wants to get 100% of his opponents to the ground where he can employ a ground assault on his opponent using his famed American jiu-jitsu. While he had a hard time implementing this strategy in his most recent bout against GSP, can Ellenberger also halt the California native from taking the fight to the mat as GSP did or will Shields be too much to handle?
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