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Originally Posted by Buc Nasty View Post
I'd love to see Rampage knock both of these fagles out.
I bet a lot of people would like to see that also....

too bad the best chance we have of 'Page actually KOing Jones is in his dreams...

I am a Lyoto guy.. I want to see him improve his offense to the point where he doesn't have to push in the later rounds...

I think that maybe.. just maybe.. Lyoto beat 'Page at 123..

That being said.....

Jones can and will beat 'Page, Lyoto... and Rashad .. with ease..

Rashad being the easiest.. 'Page the second easiest.. and Lyoto giving him the most trouble.. but with Lyoto as he is now.. Jones has his number...

Rashad is just drinking the hate cause he KNOWS... Jones will KTFO him worse than Lyoto did...
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