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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
I see where your coming from Dave.. However as much as I would hate my money to be wasted in the event I was attending a fight of a favorite fighter of mine. I would rather chalk up the loss than have them severely injured or dead. At the end of the day just like my family and friends I would want whats ultimately best for him.
Indeed...which Is why I also suggested people who are in a situation where this can occure reasonably often, and affect them serverely for a long time, should be seriously considering whether it is fair to themselves long term, to be in this career progression.

Let us not forget, that to partake in this sorta sport when you know your body isnt up to it, doesnt just effect your fans, the insitution, your family, your also effects yourself. One must always treat oneself with respect too...Its not fair to any athlete to have a year in, followed by a year out, followed by a year in ad infinitum...and that includes Brock Lesnar

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