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There is a difference between unavoidable and unfair. Yes the cards are subject to change, and ailments cant be helpped...but if its true he nearly died...then I think he absolutely should consider quitting

Regardless of the inevitabilities that come with fighters being sidelined for ill health or injury...its actually not fair for the fans in a number of ways...firstly, if you have spent several hundred dollars, and spent months saving for your trip to see the the performance might find the person you wanted to see is no longer their...thats most might be an obvious risk, but its also unfair when it happens. The UFC having to change their stuff, after they have spent a fortune in advertizing, and marketting, and are front line for the grief of dissapointed fans, that is not fair for them. The fighters who are noble and fight on short notice, with possibly not enough training (which is just as bad as fighting with an injury, which some fighters will happily do unless constrained officially by medical opinion) is also unfair on them...if they dont win, or get injured whilst achieving victory, it can bugger up their futures.

Its not unexpected...and it cant be helpped...but its also unfair. Thats why IMHO Fighters should try and be careful whilst the train to avoid injury, they should fight if they are not medically restrained...and if they do have a long term illness...they should think carefully about their choice of career...ESPECIALLY if they are either in contention or hold the Championship...because lack of them for extended periods can bugger up the institution for a year a pop...causing interim titles, and unifications so often its a nucesnce
I see where your coming from Dave.. However as much as I would hate my money to be wasted in the event I was attending a fight of a favorite fighter of mine. I would rather chalk up the loss than have them severely injured or dead. At the end of the day just like my family and friends I would want whats ultimately best for him.
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