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The Internet has always been the true backbone of this sports is people like us...across the web, that make this thing work....individual fighters have already recognised it...hence the sprouting of forums...and the posting of legitamate fighters on some of the international forum hubs.

The UFC is way behind on terms of capitalizing...what do they have...oh yes...Dana Whites Video blog...and thats about it. Now if they can start rewarding will be because of an investment on hyping themselves across the internet...they are using Fighters fame, to boost their own.

My suprise is they need to do this...shouldnt they be able to have legitamate bloggers and an Internet Relations department themselves??? Why are they not hireing people who make a lifetime out of this already....Think about this website...we have been going strong for half a decade now!! There are, and were daily posters on this site for years...does the UFC not realize that it can use some of these people also?? Rather then waste time on removing their product from youtube...why are they not searching for the best video predictors? why are they not offering merchandise sponsorship...why are they not setting up exclusives? Why are they not getting their fans wholly involved? why are they not endorsing long term loyal fans...because...they need do nothing more to get their name exclusively universal.

Instead...people in this online community go off pure heresay...and scratch like beggers in a telesales office to get snippits...they get endorsement from outside brands, outside magazines, and they arrange to meet fighters independantly!

Before you think this is idealistic...let me inform you that local MMA promotions are already doing least they are in England...I have experience of it myself, at Cage Gladiators and Tenth Legion. Dana White is not as good a bussiness man as he thinks

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