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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
This is really rough, I wish Brock the best. Here's what Pat Barry had to say about it:
IMHO Patrick Barry has a habit of...exaggerating

I think its a better card without Brock Lesnar...I know that sounds really terrible...but Carwin/JDS is going to be a far better fight...far closer and harder to call I think.

I hope that Lesnar recovers well...but he really is going to have to consider whether to retire from active sports...because this health situation is not fair on the fans, the institution...and if its likely to be excaserbated...its likely to really cause him permanent damage. I doubt it will kill him...I dont think its very often one dies of such ailments unless there are additional complications.

I also feel a little sorry for JDS who put his title shot away to do TUF to fight Brock...and now has to fight Carwin...and THEN Brock in order to get to the title one presumes...lets NOT forget that they ALL have families and livelihoods...and we shouldnt forget the personal sacrifice of those who put themselves out, and train be inconvinienced at the eleventh hour.
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