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It seemed like everyone was into the bench press when I was growing up in the 70's. It was the thing to do when you worked out. I did it most of my life up until about 1998 and then just quit out of boredom. I was tired of the exercise and started using dumb bells, incline bench and cable flys along with the fly machines in the various gyms I worked out at.

I got 315lbs for one rep on the incline 2 weeks ago. That is my best ever. The incline is much better on my shoulders as well. I have not had any pain since leaving the flat bench and going this route. I did the 1 rep max out of curiosity. I rarely ever leave my routine and always try to finish with a weight I can handle for 4 or more reps in my workouts.

I have done 410 lbs on the flat bench before. That was back in college in 1982. I do 225lbs for 10 reps to start my incline bench workout. That is the most I have done on rep lifting with the bench these days. It would feel weird to go back and flat bench, it has been so long. I have no idea what I could do.
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