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Originally Posted by Bob Reilly
"What immediately came to my mind was, What's the need for insurance? Because advocates for MMA have been touting how safe this sport is and that no one is ever injured, and in fact, the testimony here is that the worst that ever happened was a broken arm. But I don't think that insurance is going to do anything for the very prevalent brain damage that fighters will suffer.
Basically.. how many people have died during a boxing match? How many have died during an MMA match?

How many people have died subsequent to their boxing/MMA match?

How many have died of injuries resulting of the effects of their boxing/MMA carrers?

Broken arms, legs, jaws, collarbones... take ten years of MMA and 10 years of boxing.. which sports has more of these?

"I think what MMA should be doing is, instead of providing insurance for injuries, is to do away with injuries.".
I would hazzard a guess that a UFC fighter has less injuries a year than a high steel construction worker.. Name ANY profession that doesn't invole some kind of injuries.

"It's certainly not a bad thing that they provide this insurance, but it really does little or nothing to solve the problem of what will happen to fighters financially, of the physical damage done to fighters or the fact that this violent sport begets violence in our society. So it does nothing to address the systemic problems of MMA.
what happens to fighter financially?? Errmmmm they don't have to pay so much for treatments due to injuries.. Does Bill need an "Insurance 101"?

Violence begets violence argument... hmm.. when was the last time you saw a boxing match Bill? What about soccer? Ever see the Yankees rush the field when a player gets hit?

"I think it's a positive thing, but I don't think it's a positive step. In the sense that it doesn't address the systemic problems of MMA. But it's certainly not a negative thing."
And what are the specific "systemic problems of MMA"?? Fighters get hurt? Check out the Giants and Jets injury list for the past two seasons...

Fighters are SERIOUSLY hurt? How many KIDS died playing high school football... or died as a result of poorly trained coaches pushing them too hard and heat strokes became deadly??

What about the kid that was in a coma for 2 weeks after hitting his head on the gaol during a soccer game?? What state was that in Bill?

Is it MONEY?? The Almighty dollar? Many fighters are paid well.. others.. not so much.. can I see the payouts of the Manny Pacquiao card? how much were the "dark fighters" paid?

What specifically is the issue with MMA? Does the UFC just need to "bribe" you with more lobbiests?

Someone else said here.. "No worries.. it just means more chances to see MMA fights locally.. No need to drive/Fly to NY.." I totally agree... Hopefully Dana and Co will just give up soon... It would be nice to see MMA in NY.. but if not.. well.. the UFC is still getting bigger and bigger...
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