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1It seems those tall tales about phantom conversations with Keith Kizer during his recent steroids appeal in California have officially come back to bite the former Republican Realtor in the butt. Sonnen tested positive for banned substances after his submission loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 117 in Aug. 2010.

2The felony conviction Dodd speaks of is related to Sonnen's recent bust for money laundering, which earned him a $10,000 fine, the loss of his Realtor's license and two years probation.

Hmmmm, yup,
1. Sonnen did NOT test positive for a banned substance.
His testosterone to estrogen levels were off, that is a marker for PED use,
so it counts a positive test. That aside, he was suspended, and served his 6 month suspension. He currently has NO license in California, and they're suspending him again... for nothing.
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