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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
See..getting kids on long term meds.. is much better for drug manufacturers than having your kids get out and run and play and be active.. scuff their knees, breath deep and stuff..

run, sweat, build stamina, self confidence, learn to fail and try again.. make friends.. get into a fight and then be buddies.. be exposed to other things than the freakin' Nintendo DS and Spongebob...

Exactly. And I swear that one of the biggest reasons we were able to wean her off of 3 of the meds is that we got her so active in TKD. She only uses her rescue inhaler now and hasn't needed that in almost 4 months. Her instructor and I worked with her on breaathing techniques when she'd get "tight" during class and luckily that was all she needed sometimes. Other times we'd have to use the inhaler but like I said, she almost never needs it anymore.


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