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I can't see Bisping trading with Silva. His wrestling has improved but it isn't on Sonnen's level, very few are. Just like very few have the striking of Silva.

Rashad is being diplomatic, and I disagree that Rashad is not releavant. He has been waiting for a title shot for over a year but injury to his opponents and to himself have kept him out of the octagon. He is a top 5 talent at LHW.

This sounds like the voice of reason. I would agree.

Chael Sonnen had a great fight against AS but lets not forget As had a rib injury that really limited his abilities in that fight. Take nothing away from Chael, he fought his heart out.
I dont see Bisbing fairing too well against AS. If Hendo and Wandy could KO and rock him respectively with big looping rights, I would be willing to bet anderson would find a home on Bisbings chin as well. His punches are much more accurate and straighter.

I hope that wasnt too anti british.
I like Bisping.. However I don't like the fact Rashad always has something to say. Good looking out regarding he has confidence in Michael, however my main urk is he needs to quit with the interviews and start training. I just think he does more yapping of the jaws than he does in the octagon.
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