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Originally Posted by que
the facts are, GSP greased. if you deny that then you are truly blind.
I guess I am blind because I don't think he cheated. I have re-watched the fight and the most vaseline that may have been applied to his back was minimal because his left hand was never used to apply vaseline to his face (it was on the back of his hand which never touched GSP). Also, I read the response provided by GSP and his trainers to the NSAC and there are some good points in there (I linked to it in the GSP response thread).

I think that GSP's corner made a mistake of having Phil Nurse do both the vaseline and the 'breathing' technique as this is what put them in this situation. So if GSP 'greased' then I believe it was completely unintentional. But this situation definitely got the attention of the NSAC and other state athletic commissions and this will likely make the sport more clean. I also think there are many occurrences where an excessive amount of vaseline is used ie. Jon Fitch in his fight with GSP.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the issue.
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