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Originally Posted by bradwright
lol,,its funny how people can twist things around to help further their own agendas,
please tell me how i twisted anything around to further my agenda. seriously, please elaborate and tell me.

i don't have an agenda any more than nate, dana white, the athletic commission or any of the other thousands of people who saw the facts. the facts are, GSP greased. if you deny that then you are truly blind.

in regards to team jackson having a history of making their fighters greasy, that is not twisted by me, that is a fact. go read matt's blog, renzo gracie's blog, jason miller's blog, kenny florian's statement about huerta, bj's comments, serra's comments, sean sherk's post fight interview about GSP.

as far as hughes 'greasing' if you think that was really greasing then maybe you shouldn't even be here at this forum.

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