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Originally Posted by Fred
1) some people do have verifiable imbalances in neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Drug treatment can help those imbalances.

2) And let's be frank: many people who have "psychological" problems got that way because of years of selfish behavior. Especially illicit drug-abuse---hard drugs and alcohol. Dealing with substance dependence and eliminating it is over half the battle with many folks.

3) So, I would say: 1) Christianity first. 2) Prescription meds. only if medically indicated because of a chemical imbalance. And then MAYBE 3) some short-term cognitive-behavioral therapy with a Christian counselor to address some specific habits.

4) Psychoanalysis is garbage. It won't help anyone is any practical way, IMO.

The whole Psychology/Psychiatry thing has gone too far---Ritalin for children; long-term therapy which does absolutely nothing, etc. It's terrible. People should be encouraged to put Christ first and then work hard in a Christ-like way for others. That is the best way to preserve mental health.
1) most people with mental health issues have chemical imballences of somekind. they need something to correct a biological fault.

2) Thats bollox. You might like to think that to justify your position that they shouldnt be treated, but its a deciet. Let me talk to you about Depression. People can get depressed because they dont get enough exposure to is that anything to do with being selfish?? Some people get reactive Depression...they are depressed for a reason, something is making them unwell, maybe stress, maybe something in their job, maybe something at home. Becoming distressed by ones surroundings or circumstances doesnt always happen because of years of selfish behaviour...what about a guy being made redundant from a job he loved, had done for along time, and feels unable to get a new one? whats about marriage breakdown on the Children of the devorced...bullying at school...?? Another major cause of depression is whats known as "Existential Angst" lets face it, people are unhappy because they are incomplete without GOD, they struggle to know what is true in an age that promotes Moral Relativism, they struggle to choose in a post modern society that is fractured and gives them TOO much choice...they feel small, stupid, lonely, irrelivent...meaningless...

Tell me...are you speaking as someone who has studied Psychology to degree level or has practised as a psychologist? Are you speaking as someone who has suffered some form of mental ill health and been treated either with psychological therapies, counselling, or medication? I ask because this will better help me to understand where you are coming from.....For myself, I fit into both categories...a loooooooong History that goes back to 1996

3) all those things I'd aggree with...the hard thing is...with Medication that stabilizes...what to do after that

4) I'm tempted to aggree...however, some of the theories I think are correct

5) well...there is another thing that you arent addressing. In the United States people can ask for perscription the United Kingdom (where I am from) you cant "ask" for any perscription...thats for a doctor to TELL you what drugs to have (you can always refuse...but you cant "ask your pharmacist for...." "ask your GP for...." there are ZERO adverts on English TV for ANY of that...when I visited the United States I was shocked and appauled at the drugs companies and their...marketting...marketting of drugs that you shouldnt even know about...unless you either a doctor...or you've been perscribed them.
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