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Well, none of it is ideal, whether we're talking about psychology or psychiatry; but some people do have verifiable imbalances in neurotransmitter activity in the brain. Drug treatment can help those imbalances.

Far better though, is Christian fellowship, prayer, and service. It gets one's mind off oneself and onto God and one's neighbor. And let's be frank: many people who have "psychological" problems got that way because of years of selfish behavior. Especially illicit drug-abuse---hard drugs and alcohol. Dealing with substance dependence and eliminating it is over half the battle with many folks.

So, I would say: 1) Christianity first. 2) Prescription meds. only if medically indicated because of a chemical imbalance. And then MAYBE 3) some short-term cognitive-behavioral therapy with a Christian counselor to address some specific habits.

Psychoanalysis is ga