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Miss Foxy
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Miss Foxy, please go back through the thread and look at prior posts. In post #11, Neezar said:

Subsequently in post #12, Tyburn said:

Unless I am mistaken, they were implying male homosexual transmission. I was just making the implication explicit. If you are baffled, please go back and see how the thread developed. I was "riffing" off what others had said.
Vitor lives in a third world country that does not have the sanitation of a developed country like the U.S. I don't think Vitor is homosexual.
I was not implying that you were stupid. Please look again at my post. Ignorance and stupidity are two different things. Ignorance is a lack of knowlege; not a lack of intelligence. In addition, I did not call you ignorant in general. Based upon your comment, I thought you were ignorant of the Hepatitis A immunization recommendations. That is why I posted the link - to give you knowledge on the subject. I don't consider myself stupid but I readily admit I am ignorant on many subjects - gardening, astrophysics, the Arabic language, auto repair, etc., etc. etc. To be honest, I was a bit insulted by your "rolleyes" emoticon. What was the purpose of including it in your post?
Gee must be my Type D personality coming out..
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