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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
You don't need to talk to me like I am stupid ... Hepatitis A is contractible for anyone not just MSM... Or are you implying Vitor is MSM? Or just giving a heads up to anyone on here that might be a homosexual male? I am just baffled at what MSM has to do with Vitor having this disease..Thanks for your links btw.
Miss Foxy, please go back through the thread and look at prior posts. In post #11, Neezar said:
If you get Hep A from strange then it isn't usually from a her. Just sayin....
Subsequently in post #12, Tyburn said:
Quote: I wish you had kept your last sentance...about where you CAN catch Hep A...coz I had a corker of a reply
Unless I am mistaken, they were implying male homosexual transmission. I was just making the implication explicit. If you are baffled, please go back and see how the thread developed. I was "riffing" off what others had said.
Vitor lives in a third world country that does not have the sanitation of a developed country like the U.S. I don't think Vitor is homosexual.
I was not implying that you were stupid. Please look again at my post. Ignorance and stupidity are two different things. Ignorance is a lack of knowlege; not a lack of intelligence. In addition, I did not call you ignorant in general. Based upon your comment, I thought you were ignorant of the Hepatitis A immunization recommendations. That is why I posted the link - to give you knowledge on the subject. I don't consider myself stupid but I readily admit I am ignorant on many subjects - gardening, astrophysics, the Arabic language, auto repair, etc., etc. etc. To be honest, I was a bit insulted by your "rolleyes" emoticon. What was the purpose of including it in your post?
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