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Miss Foxy, please follow the link above to a MMWR put out by ACIP/CDC with guidelines concerning Hepatitis A immunization. As the document is 36 pages, I have taken the liberty of choosing some pertinent quotes:

For your information, "MSM" or "Men who have Sex with Men" is the politically correct medical term for male homosexuals (the equivalent of referring to "prostitutes" as "sex workers"). MSM includes bisexual males and black males who practice what they refer to as the "down low". There are currently over 300 million people in the U.S. The CDC (or any other medical organization) does not currently recommend immunizing "everyone" as you stated. If you can post evidence to the contrary, please do. Otherwise, kindly edit your post and remove the "rolleyes" emoticon. Ignorance of a subject is understandable; expressing contempt for someone who is more informed on a subject is not.
You don't need to talk to me like I am stupid ... Hepatitis A is contractible for anyone not just MSM... Or are you implying Vitor is MSM? Or just giving a heads up to anyone on here that might be a homosexual male? I am just baffled at what MSM has to do with Vitor having this disease..Thanks for your links btw.

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