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Originally Posted by Fred
I think the source of psychology is one thing which is wrong. Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, Alexander Lowen, and guys like that were atheists. Therefore, their insights into the human mind were guided by intuition, and in some cases, the occult. Both fleshly intuition and the occult are opposed to Biblical truth. The science-based work of B.F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov is more credible, so there may be a slightly more acceptable role for CBT and behaviorial psychology in a Christian's life; but psychoanalysis, Adlerian psychology, NLP, and things like that are no more than New Age schemes which pull a person away from trusting in Christ.

Psychoanalysis, with its blaming of one's parents/early childhood and obsession with sexual themes, is the worst of it. CBT, while better than analysis, merely trades one set of sinful thought patterns for another. The reliance is still on oneself and one's own understanding.

Rom. 12:2 involves the work of the Holy Spirit in renewing one's mind. The work of the Holy Spirit is not manipulative, nor is it psychology. He (the Holy Spirit) brings a genuine transformation rather than a thought-based shell-game. Just IMO....
So you would rather have a souless psychology aimed at nothing more then neurones in the brain, and stimulas and think thats more Christian then Psychoanalysis??

They are both about as bad as each other...what about Cognative Psychology
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