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Originally Posted by County Mike
Awesome. Where's the seminar? I haven't met Royler yet but our gym is affiliated with Royler Gracie and David Adiv.
Bloomfield up by me. I'm hoping to work on my blue belt. A training buddy of mine went to Edson caravalho's school and recieved his blue belt in 3 weeks because he destroyed all his Blue belts and was even with the purple belts.

I'm almost as good as my friend we go back and fourth or so every. Every ten tapes I get about 4 he gets about 6. So I'm going to train and Mike Mrkulic'ss school and then do the white belt division at Naga hopefully if I can pick a medal or something it might look really well on my part. I wish I could get my blue from Royler but doubt he would give it to me after only a month of GI training.

I've traded emails with Mike quite a bit have not gone up yet but I'm really excited from what I hear his school is really good and he is an awesome teacher so I'm more excited to learn new techniques and play with a different style more then naything.
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