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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
So England has no preventative health care? I am studying for my specialty ambulatory care certification (clinic and outpatient places are classified as ambulatory care) and all of the literature states that everyone should have a yearly (at least) check up with vitals and routine bloodwork. We also assess for vaccination status, stress, pain, and domestic violence.

Vaccinations are monitored by a system and you'll be asked to arrange an appointment if you need any booster...but stress, pain, and domestic violence are not things that the National Health Service seems bothered with. Ceartainly I can speak from experience on the refusal of bloodwork.

We go to the doctor if we are ill. We go to the nurse for odd tiny bits of support. Thats really all the National Health Service can do...outside of following up serious issues with hospital, or long term illnesses that need investigation....even then

You know it took almost exactly a year for me to get my MRI scan during my Annus Horribilis...the wait for the actual scan was only two months, but the wait for the neurologist who had to decide whether it was worth having one, after referal from my doctor....well...Babies have been born in less, lets just say.
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