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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
It's kinda like taking your vehicle in for a tuneup. It's recommended that you get a full physical once a year to check for anything that could possibly be wrong or could cause problems for you in the future. Your doctor will check blood pressure, take a blood sample, check reflexes, check your chest, check your heart, etc.
Oh no, they wouldnt do that. If you wanted that sort of thing you'd probably only go to the practise nurse.

The amount of stress and hassle with booking appointments makes it not worth it...they would do height and weight, maybe reflex and chest...they wouldnt monitor your heart unless they feared something was wrong, similarly they wouldnt do blood pressure and they certainly wont do blood tests without specifically looking for something.they wouldnt tell me what blood type I was, and they wouldnt do any further tests about finding how bad my peanut allergy was...and thats when I specifically asked them
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