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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
Tyburn have you had a physical lately? It's a good idea so the doctor can give you the thumbs up so you don't hurt yourself..
I'm not sure ive ever had "a physical" I only go to the doctors if I am ill...or if I have to get some more of my meds...if there is something gym related I ask the professional nutritionalists or the physioltherapists that work there or I ask here

The only time we get a physical is when we are new somewhere, like for registration. So, for example, when I was at University I had to enrole at the Health Centre on Campus, and they did height and weight and the likes...and when I got on the scale, the nurse smiled at me and said

"Dont worry...we can help people like you"

...which is nearly as funny as when my Father tried to get himself weighed at one of those silly machines that shout at you, and he put his money in, and got on...and the Machine said

"One at a time please"

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