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For pretty much the same reason that the year in which Mel Gibson released his portrayal of "The Passion of The Christ" during Holy week of that less then THREE Graphic Horror Movies were released at the same time in an attempt to eclipse it.

It wasnt planned in terms of deliberately releasing anti-christian films at the same time, it just happened to happen that way by sheer cooincidence...that is..of course if you believe it WAS cooincidence and not something all together more sinister.

It shouldnt be baffling to you at all. We are at War...We are in hostile country, and the enemy is not afraid to use the heathen as pawns, without their knowledge, to try and get their way. If This Surfer has lots of fans...the last thing Lucifer wants is for those fans to be exposed to Jesus by his story...I doubt that any of those producers were anything more then skeptical that it would sell, or that it would cause offence to someone...but then Demonic Whispers would abound in their heads "are you sure thats markettable?" "Who cares about religion?" "This is not supposed to be a religious film" "dont want to offend all the non Christians who might be watching" Those thoughts invade unprotected and unaware minds that believe they are their own creation. The problem with a great many christians, and its an attitude I see displayed on this forum by those considered most scholarly or Christlike, is their inability to see the ave everyday evil, because in every spiritual matter they are looking for a battle of armageddon type proportions. Whilst Christians remain divided on whether its alright to burn Qurans in protest, or worry about the future invasion of another faith, because they believe thats Evil...they completely miss the director who decides to cut Christ out of a film. They get distracted. They forget how Evil works...Evil is sly, Evil is manipulative, Evil is so close to truth its missleading, Evil is the betrayal by your best friend...its not really the advance of Islam, or the worry of immigration, or how bloody much your evil politicians lie to you. If we could only tackle Evil on the little level, we would then be far more united on a larger level. Every single time, its always the little blessings and the little problems that get missed out...whereas the big and contriversial issues neverend...try looking back over the last four months in this section...and compare the subject matter which gets the silent views...and the subject matter that goes on for thousands of will find the simple Christian scripture threads practically dead...and those about abortion, or Roman Catholicism, extremely long. You'll find the prayer requests few and far between, you'll see the vast majority of testimonial threads ignored and classed as irrelivent. Even in a place thats quite the church, full of good Christians...we are still showing we have the wrong priorities. So im not suprised that you, and probably a VAST number on this forum, just dont understand why this sorta smallish example is an issue. The war is being fought on a local level. Remember that, your probably hearing voices in your head right now on reading this, "who does he think he is" "shyte stirring as usual" "why dont I reply to him an really embarris him" "this makes me angry" "he's lucky I read such a long post" Ask yourself...why so hostile...why is the first impulse to shut me down...and are you absolutely sure your not taking up demonic suggestions that would like you to ignore the true issues, and blindside you, exactly like they managed to do with the whole Islam thing....or the whole Roman Catholic thing...Thing subjectively, and question EVERY THOUGHT with logic...and its possible to discern what is YOU and what IS NOT
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