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I stumbled onto an interesting show this weekend. I was changing channels and came across a new show called The Killing. It is on AMC on Sunday nights and this weekend was the 3rd episode. The series is about the murder of a high school girl who is found drowned in the trunk of a car belonging to a prominent local politician. The entire series will follow the investigation of this one crime. The show is based on a series that was a huge hit in Denmark. It was subsequently shown in the UK on the BBC with subtitles and was again a hit. The American version is set in Seattle and follows the lead detective, a young petite red-haired lady who is assigned the case on her last day of work before a move to California. The series has a mood and pace that really draws in the viewer. Because the pace is slow and riveting, they are able to develop the characters and follow several plot lines. It was so interesting, I went online and watched the first two episodes to get up to speed. The first three episodes are online at AMC
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