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Damn it. Freeze Frame at 49 seconds. The Train is approaching the city from the south, coz that to the left of the tracks is the main highway that Boomer took me on, and that was going South.

Never Fear though...coz I also went South by train, from either way ive been down that place both by train and car...and coming back from Missouri I must have been heading North I dont remember the water and bridges going into the city from the South...I wonder if they have been naughty and used photography from two separate trainlines....coz I have PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of that Bridge and water near East Chicago...and a Train heading north into Union cant possibly see that. that would be REALLY naughty of the editors to do that...but I reckon thats what they have done! I dont think their is heavy industry, a VERA distinctive bridge, and a swampy type pond anywhere south of Chicago within the city area....I think it peters out into endless cornfields.
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