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odd...I just came back from the cinema having watched Source Code...and I feel odd...not coz of the story...but coz of the setting...I was completely unprepared. One moment I was eating a chewy bar...the next moment, for one second, I thought I was in a plane I'd been in Four years ago...The reason for this was because the opening scenes are from a plane, flying over the coast of Chicago...and the skyline of everything between that harbour and that beach are forever burned into my mind.

It got worse...the whole story is to do with a train....and this Train is going to Chicago, Union Station...and i'm pretty certain its coming into the city from the east, I wish I could remember the name of the station it stops at prior to Union to be certain...but I could have sworne I recognise the water and Bridge it is seen going over on the way into the city...that has to be the Journey through East Chicago.

Very disconcerting, considering I made that exact journey also in 2009.

I've only ever been to Chicago Twice, and not for very long either time, and the films set was completely and utterly the area I walked around, including plane and train transportation routes...right down to standing infront of that strange mirror thing in the centre of The Millenial Park...

They EVEN showed a close up of the Twin Towers of Marina City, which is most definately where I would want to live if I moved to Chicago...which, is really the only place that i've visited in the US where I would love to live...I would like to go back to Richmond, Virginia...but not sure I'd want to live their, same with the Quad Cities...slightly too small for my liking
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