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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Who does Jacob say that he wrestled with? He says that he saw GOD face to face. He didn't say that he saw an angel. The translator notes seem to confirm this idea. It's generally understood in Christianity that whenever GOD appears in the OT as a man then He is actually GOD the Son, since no one would be able to look upon GOD the Father.

The idea of the pre-incarnate Christ is simply a reference to GOD the Son prior to His conception inside the womb of Mary. We all know that the Son has existed for eternity as one with GOD; but we also know that He would eventually be incarnate in the physical body of Jesus Christ. The actually physical body of Jesus didn't exist prior to his conception in 4 BC, but GOD the Son did.
I have NO Doubt that Jacob believed he had seen GOD and not a Host...Thats not what im desputing.

But Jacob may be mistaken in truth.

...and it is NOT Generally understood in Christianity. Christianity traditionally holds that Christ appears on Earth TWICE. Incarnation and Second Comming

However it IS Generally understood in Judaism that The Angel of The Lord and Christ are probably one and the same thing.

Thats why I said both interpretations were Valid...but You and I have very different theological interpretations, yours is a jewish perspective, ancient, and allowing for things like Jesus to appear before his incarnation. Mine is Christian, its quite classical, Jesus didnt come and go except for Salvational issues...anything else therefore is the work of the Host.
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