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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
You seem to be making alot of guesses. You are going by the traditional views and not by any Biblical support,
Notice that Gabriel isnt shy about letting people know who he is WHEN its him. Luke 1:19
Yes...and look what that caused...ironically...and this has been my whole point...its actually quite dangerous for anyone to be identified with certainty...why? coz thats what starts cultic fascinations.

Of which the whole annunciation is one of them. Gabriel told many mothers they would have special babies...but most of those are not well known...and rightly so...Gabriel is a messenger and not the focus...just like my position at Saint Paul's, the idea is NOT TO BE SEEN! To carry out an important job, completely unseen....thats the whole idea...that way attention remains where it belongs. My role was to make sure all the ceremonial duties of the Church went smoothly...a vital role...but a role that anyone sitting in the congregation shouldnt notice IF everything goes to far as they are concerned things just happened that way...they notice the Priest at the lectern in time to speak (they do not question how the priest got their on time) They notice sitting and being part of the worship (they do not notice the movement of vast crowds in moments of time in order to get everyone where they need to be on schedual. They notice the beauty of the Choir (they do not know who dished out their clothes, and who leads them into their seats, and who leads them out)

The support role is VITAL but NOT IMPORTANT...and thats like the work of the host. Vital...but not important. When a Host is identified people write endlessly about it....thats why the incarnation is so special...the Angel has a name..therefore it has a personality, therefore it is special. was a being doing its was Vital that the message got from a-b...but it was the message and the power of that message that was important.

Thankfully, they do such a wonderful job most people are completely oblivious to you, like Nathan...and thats OKAY, thats how they like it...but having been in a supporting role where I'm invisible...and rightly so...I understand and can see it where its not obvious to others who havent had that unique experience.

We dont want everyone taking my view...coz then EVERY Angelic encounter would end up LIKE THIS...and we dont want that...
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