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I think That Penn should win this match...the main problem is Condit is unlikely to beat Penn via Tko or KO...his only chance is to get to decision by keeping the fight on his feet.

Whilst Penn is also unlikely to get a KO...he might be able to take it to the ground, even if Condit can stop the take-down, because Penn manages often to floor people even if he cant KO them...on the ground...if Condit holds up, Penn gets the decision...but can Condit hold up for three rounds without making a mistake?

His hope obviously is that Penns weight will slow him down...and it might...but Penn only needs two out of three rounds...or that he will come in likely is that when he's been training for...frankly, better...and how likely is that when he's got to know his abilities at Welterweight are still largely disputed?

I'll say Penn by decision coz his welterweight abilities wont allow him the ease to finish
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