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I'm a bit irrate over the fact that I had to jump on the trunk of my husband's car last night to keep the neighbor's dog from using my leg as a toy bone. As a major storm was just starting no less. Fun times. And what does she say after my yells for help get her attention and she peaks her head out the door to call her dog off. A casual "sorry" and slammed door. Uh sorry for your dog trying to attack me and me having to seek shelter on the METAL trunk of my car just as the thunder rolls? Gee a are you ok would have been nice! This is the second time that dog has come in our yard. Last summer he pinned my kids against a fence in out backyard. I swear if the dog puts one paw on my property again I'm going to kill him.
throw some poisoned hot dogs over the fence .. pooch will be dead by morning ... i have a dog, but i would have no issues with putting him away if he ever hurt someone .. especially a child ...
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