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Default Keith Kizer says meeting with Chael Sonnen wasn't productive


Chael Sonnen and Zuffa officials recently met with Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer in an attempt to give Sonnen a chance to smooth things over after Sonnen used Kizer's and the NSAC in his hearing with the California State Athletic Commission. However, according to comments from Kizer, Sonnen may have made things worse.

"With his explanations, I don't know how productive of a meeting it was," Kizer said in an interview with "I really did expect a much more constructive meeting out of that. But it just wasn't there. I think Zuffa tried; I know we tried. I put the blame completely on Mr. Sonnen."

Sonnen claimed in his December hearing with the CSAC that he had gotten approval from Kizer for testosterone replacement therapy prior to his UFC 109 bout with Nate Marquardt, a claim Kizer denied at the time and said Sonnen would have to answer to. Kizer wasn't too thrilled with Sonnen's response to him.

""His point was, 'Well, you and I have never talked before right now, but I don't think I lied,'" Kizer said.

"Then he gave some very strange story and claimed, 'My manager and you talked about therapeutic exemptions, and therefore, I just used the wrong word. I should have said 'my' instead of 'I.' As in 'my manager' instead of 'I.'

"I was very straight with him, saying, 'That's a ridiculous explanation.'"

So now, Kizer said it will not be an cut and dry application process for Sonnen, and he'll need to appear in a formal hearing with the NSAC to answer questions about his CSAC hearing in December and his money laundering charges, among other things.

"I usually just give that administratively to cornermen. But I will not do that for Mr. Sonnen."

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Penick's Analysis: Well, these comments make it very unlikely that Sonnen winds up as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 14. Before he fights in Nevada again he'll need to appear in front of the NSAC, but the UFC may simply book his return fight in another state for now with his CSAC hearing up. His contract is likely to be unfrozen as soon as his sentence comes through this week on the money laundering charges, and the UFC will absolutely look to get him back into action. At some point he'll need to answer for his statements and what are clearly being shown to be flat out lies that he made to the CSAC, but if it can be delayed and the UFC can get him a fight that's likely what will happen.
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