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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
ok, Now explain:
Gen. 16 (the Hagar conversation) who was that?
Gen. 22 (Abraham's conversation) who was that?
Gen. 31 (the Jacob conversation) he actually said who he was there.
Judges 13 (Manoah and his wife account) seems pretty clear buddy.

When you answer these, I have LOTS more.
Don't go into this with a closed mind brother. be willing to learn. Don't let tradition and old teaching cloud your judgment brother.
Genesis 16...Probably Gabriel. He is the host who often has messages for people concerning offspring and lineage. Ishmail goes on to form the Islamic Nations.

Genesis 22 That was GOD, I expect as a booming voice from the sky, not as in the form of Jesus...and the being that stops the killing of Issiac, I imagine is Michael, he usually deals with things involving killing...or it could have been Gabriel who deals mostly with lineage...remembering who Issiac gives birth to.

Genesis 31 That was GOD, as a booming voice from the sky.

Judges 13 Thats undobtedly Gabriel, telling a Mother she's going to have a special seems to be his constant mandate "God heard Manoah, and the angel of God came again to the woman" Notice...GOD is not the angel, GOD sends the angel to do his bidding...thats what Angels do.

Next set please
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