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Originally Posted by Twinsmama View Post
I'm wondering if everyone that thinks it's a good idea for her to approach the guy would give the same advice to their daughter. I'm glad that she has forgiven him. Jealous actually. I'm not a good forgiver. However I do not think it is a wise decision becasue the guilt she thinks she sees in his eyes may not be guilt. It may be fear that his new friends will find out what he has done. I still think when he is ready he will apologize.

Dave I totally understand where you are coming from but someone that has been physical is different. would you walk up to the guys that roughed you up and took you money and tell them you forgive them?
No...but thats coz I dont forgive them. I might forgive my friend for making the taxi stop at her place so I had to walk the rest of the way myself though...or were you talking about the other attack...? I cant remember which one your refering to

The guy she's forgiving is NOT the guy with the gun
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