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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1)I thought your explanation was too silly to even be worthy of a response.

2) I already gave you the proof. The Commander accepted worship, thus He must be GOD or more specifically a pre-incarnate Christ.

3) We all know that Christ has existed for eternity and He didn't just pop into existence in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. So why is this a problem? He temporarily took on human form on rare, important occasions in the OT, however, no one is claiming that he was fully human and born of a virgin in any of these instances.

As for post-incarnate appearances, yes, in theory they would be possible. However, Jesus already told us what the circumstances of His return would be, so we can say with almost 100% certainty that Jesus has not returned to Earth since His Ascension 2000 years ago.

4) As for the descriptions of Jesus appearing on earth "willy-nilly," I find that to be more than a little blasphemous, because I don't believe we should trivialize anything GOD does.

5) As for you not stating your opinions with absolute certainty:

You sound pretty certain to me.

6) So, now your argument is based on the assertion that Michael was rebelling against GOD and, in effect, sinning by appearing to Joshua and claiming to actually be GOD?
1) you mean you couldnt be bothered to respond and address my actual points.

2) where does it say in scripture that such a thing as a pre-incarnate Christ exists. that is MERE Jewish Speculation to try and reconcile the issues of idolitry. At least admit, your view is based on as much presumption as mine.

3) whats the point in being born then? whats the point in the whole incarnation if Jesus has appeared many times, to do many important functions...also...I dont remember Jesus EVER saying he had walked in the form of a man on earth Why do you assume...if he has, that he wont also come back before the second coming...coz he evidently hasnt told us ALL the visitations. You would have to accept that Jesus post incarnate only speaks about his visitations with regards to Salvation. That doesnt rule out him walking on earth RIGHT NOW so long as it is not to make an impact on his visitation 2000 years ago, or his Visitation during the Millenial Reign. Talking to you is like trying to get blood out of a stone. At least be logical and admit the flaws and options in your arguments

4) your the one trivializing. Your the one claiming he appears to do almost nothing. Jesus on Earth is a BIG Deal...what happened with Joshua moments before the taking of Jericho is insignificant. So insignificant, most people wont even be told of this apparition. So Jesus do what? Tell Joshua to take his shoes off...The LORD Almighty, took human form simply to do that when he has a gazillion Host SPECIFICALLY designed for such task, CREATED for that sort of purpose alone. I find that personally an outragous suggestion. I admit its a valid interpretation if you can find no way of reconciling the worship issue...but what is the point? When you were in the forces...did you ever see such a High Ranking Official do anything without great purpose? Would your Chief of Staff...your President, come to your base to stand by the gate and say Goodmorning to you?? Would he lead you on the Battlefield? Would he fight by your side??

Yet you suppose that the same situation in the heavnely realm involves the opposite. All the grunts doing nothing, and only the Highest Ranking Officials doing the most menial of tasks. I simply dont understand how you can possibly think that makes logical sense?? You simply want to discount Angels as being unimportant. Thats what I think you are about. You neither care, nor give probably any time to how, in practical matters, the Kingdom is run. Nothing matters but the King...and I understand that, Truely I do...but I have always had a heart for those who end up doing all the work, those who get overlooked, those who work tierlessly and never get any recognition, those who are seen not to matter...and Angels...largely have been completely wipped out of history, all of them.

Yet for someone who places zero emphasis on really do have a lot to say about what is wrong, and what is evil. Yet you NEVER comment on threads where that comes up outside of biblical scripture...and let me tell still happens...demons and angels didnt vanish with the early church. we are surrounded by a vast cloud of witnesses...and I dont think when Paul and Jesus say that they are talking about the faithful...I think they are talking about the Host...that we are surrounded by the spiritual world, fit to burst with spiritual beings we cant see with physical eyes...but whose voices we can, and hear constantly chattering in our heads and whispering in our ears...and those thoughts you think are yours, arent always yours at all.

5) Im certain of my believf...Im not certain that belief is true, and what I show you there is my workings I came to my belief...I am always open to the possibility that one or more of the premises I have made might not be accurate, and therefore the wrong conclusion drawn...which is more then I can say for you, in the whole time ive ever known you, never once have you ever given doubt on a religious issue that your conclusion is not just thought, by you, to be the truth, but that is actually IS the truth and there is no uncertainty in that. I am full of uncertainty...I even change and update my own theology and evaluate my own theology over time, because I think im undergoing a process of revelation...and the more indepth you go, the more it changes...a little like studying a study it at GCSE...and the first thing they tell you at A-Level is that half of what you studied, whilst true is so simplistic as to almost on some levels be false. I think Spiritual progression is learning, evaluating, and growing. GOD might be changeless, but im always changing...and the closer you get, the more detal you notice that wasnt there approaching a just looks like a glowing ball at first...and then you can see crators, and then as you get closer you see more and more.

6) I said that was a possible interpretation. I did not say I believed that Interpretation. I believe your view is a possible interpretation, but I dont believe that either.
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