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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
Dave, explain the "Angel of the Lord".
That is Michael. Jesus is NOT an Angel, he is not a Host at all. Angels are created, Jesus was not. Why Michael and not some other Angel? Because Michael is called "he who is like GOD" and he is the highest form of created order, outside of anything Ressurected He is as powerfully good, as Satan is powerfully bad. If we assume that Satan has a lot of sway on matters from our perspective on this planet, we must be equally aware that Michael must have the same amount of sway in the opposite direction completely outside of cant say we're in a spiritual war...because Jesus Vs Lucifer is not a War...they are not equals...but Michael Vs Lucifer is...because they are of the same order and status...alright so Michael has double the troops...but that was simply because Lucifer could only convince one in three of the Host during the rebellion to follow him. He was in a minority even at the time of his take over bid, he never had the support of the vast majority.
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