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Default What I learned from Affliction 2

Some things that really solidified my prior opinions are...

1. Matt Lindland is not a top 185lb fighter.
In his last 2 fights a guy who was 8 - 3 took him to decision, and made him look bad, and a guy who hasn't been around for a while and isn't ranked KOed the life out of him.

I am sorry Lindland fans, but he just isn't that good, he has never really beaten anybody.

2. Josh Barnett is not a top 5 HW.
He hasn't beaten a top 10 HW in over 2 years, a mostly unknown fighter neutralized his ground game for almost 3 rounds tonight. He looks out of shape, and not very dangerous. Yet for some reason people rank him top 3 or 4 constantly.

3. Fedor is unbeatable right now.
I don't see any other threats at HW right now, and don't say Brock Lesnar.

4. Although Crazy, Sobral is an animal.

5. KIRIL SIDELNIKOV is the new Cabbage, wtf is with this guys chin?
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