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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You are the one who contended my assertion, the burden of proof is on you. The only way you can proove it is by claiming Christ walked the earth prior to his Incarnation. Thats a theology I do not accept. You challenged me over the unification of what appears to be a Host Accepting Praise, and I told you how I could unify that without comprimising Scriptural commands about idolitry....I assume you dont accept that method, but you never responded to that.
I thought your explanation was too silly to even be worthy of a response.

I already gave you the proof. The Commander accepted worship, thus He must be GOD or more specifically a pre-incarnate Christ.

We all know that Christ has existed for eternity and He didn't just pop into existence in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. So why is this a problem? He temporarily took on human form on rare, important occasions in the OT, however, no one is claiming that he was fully human and born of a virgin in any of these instances.

As for post-incarnate appearances, yes, in theory they would be possible. However, Jesus already told us what the circumstances of His return would be, so we can say with almost 100% certainty that Jesus has not returned to Earth since His Ascension 2000 years ago.

As for the descriptions of Jesus appearing on earth "willy-nilly," I find that to be more than a little blasphemous, because I don't believe we should trivialize anything GOD does.

As for you not stating your opinions with absolute certainty:

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
there is no such thing a a pre-incarnate Christ...thats defeats the whole point of THE it must be Michael
You sound pretty certain to me.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
you know what I mean you may not aggree, but you know what I a matter of fact...Angels have been known to do bad things and get away with them for a substantial period of time. GOD might have crushed the rebellion....but what about the Host that decided quite apart from Lucifer, and much later, to visit earth and REPRODUCE WITH HUMANS TO CREATE NEPHILIM? GOD didnt stop that!...and though you will say that he eventually distroyed them all by sending the flood....POST FLOOD their are records of Nephilim like Men in Scripture....

You cant possibly think that because thats absent from the commandments its any less of an abomination to GOD...and yet he tollerated it. People seem to assume that Angels dont have a mind of their own...They may not have complete free will, like we do...but they must have some....because a lot of GODs problems have been caused by Rebels in the Heavens suddenly deciding to do things contrary to GODs that not sinning?? and if Host can do it...then we have to ask ourselves...can ALL created Life sin?? and therefore is it a certainty that they all WILL?

Here is another thing....Regardless of who can and cant sin...Salvation isnt offered to everything. GODs free gift is only on offer for Humans...I dont see where he offers Eternal Life to Angelic Host...They may not be able to die or reproduce...but if they are Created, then their eternity is only a potential. GOD can distroy anything he makes.

Suppose for a second, not only was that Michael...BUT that he also sinned (I Do not believe it on this occasion...but that is another possible interpretation) Tell me...What use is The Commander of The Army of The Lord...AFTER the Lords victory? What exactly is it he will be fighting against?? We do not know what happens to Host after Armageddon, we do not know if they are judged...all we know is they CAN sin, because some of them undeniably have...and that at some point, Post Ressurectional Human Beings will be incharge of a great number of them (from Pauls text) beyond that...we actually dont know.
So, now your argument is based on the assertion that Michael was rebelling against GOD and, in effect, sinning by appearing to Joshua and claiming to actually be GOD?
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