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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I never said He couldn't. In fact, He will walk the earth again post-incarnate and we are told exactly what those circumstances will be.

However, you are trying to build a strawman argument since you can't prove your original assertion.
You are the one who contended my assertion, the burden of proof is on you. The only way you can proove it is by claiming Christ walked the earth prior to his Incarnation. Thats a theology I do not accept. You challenged me over the unification of what appears to be a Host Accepting Praise, and I told you how I could unify that without comprimising Scriptural commands about idolitry....I assume you dont accept that method, but you never responded to that.

We have different theological positions on this particular aspect...yours is distinctly Jewish, mine is distinctly Christian. You tell me in no uncertain terms that I am "wrong" I tell you that I am not 100percent Certain if I'm right or not...but just because you tell me I'm wrong, doesnt mean I am, and wont convince me of that.

There is no "strawman" argument...though that was a nice way of trying to avoid the fact that IF you believe in Pre-incarnate Christ appeaing at Will in History outside of the Salvation Of Man (which COVERS Revelation, AND The Gospels) you CAN NOT rule out a Post Incarnate Christ appearing at will in History outside of The Salvation Of Man either...something you, naturally, seem to want to play down...because it implies Christ could walk amoung us in EXACTLY the same manner, as what Paul Says the Host sometimes do. Who knows...perhaps you are right, and some have not just entertained Host and been unaware of it...but have Entertained The LORD Himself in The Flesh and also been unaware...but I highly doubt it, personally.

I understand your side, and I see it as a Valid interpretation, but its not one I hold to. As usual, you havent a clue about what I believe, you've declaired me wrong, ignored what ive said about Revelation and reitterated your belief in a Post Incarnate Christ for that, in an attempt to make me look foolish, when I'd already admitted the Second Coming...whilst completely avoiding my counters, and completely ignoring what I've had to say. Which, Characteristically is what you do EVERY SINGLE TIME you dissagree with me.

Fair enough...I aint out to change your mind. I know what you think, and thanks for sharing that, but you wont make me fall silent, or repent of my position, no matter how many times you tell me im wrong, or try to make me look silly, or maybe, later even say I aint Christian or something. I aint like the Roman Catholics who are tempted to fall silent under your Judgement.

So You can counter the points I actually have raised...or we can aggree to dissagree. That there is called "I Choose, You Decide" its something I often proposition management with. I have made clear the choices, its up to them to decide...but they know what the consequences will be before they do so....that way we all know where we stand.

So the ball is in your court as to whether this conversation continues in the manner of a true debate on the issue...or whether we both walk away.
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