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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Strawman argument = logical fallacy
If Jesus walked on the earth Pre-Incarnation, name one good reason why he couldnt walk Post-Incarnate?

There is no good reason, thus you cant rule it out....and I hardly think the implications of that are any more Christian, then a Host Accepting praise.

The Truth is...we dont know who that encounter was...we dont know who wrestled with Abraham, Who distroyed Sodom, Who Saved Lot, and who the commander of the army of the Lord is....You think its Christ appearing willynilly out of the ether and then blinking out of chronology, and probably because you cant unify the praise issue....I think that it is Michael, because most of the actions seem to be in line with following heavenly orders, and we know his place within the realm...a fighter must be able to physically wrestle, must be able to destroy cities, must be able to do Opus Dei, and must be commanding or involved with the spiritual war.

At least I'm man enough to admit, that I cant be 100percent certain...but I have explained HOW I think its possible to unify and get around problems that force you to create a Christ out of thin air. Maybe I'm completely wrong...but I dont think so. I dont believe in a pre-incarnate Christ on Earth, neither do I believe in a post incarnate Christ on earth, barr those visitations outlined in scripture for the apostles, and for the Tribulation...he has a vast army of Angels, that you reduce to being mere beings sat twiddling their thumbs in the heavens some where...these creatures are all in opporation 24/7 wasnt it somewhere in the pauline scriptures where he even says something about Host being delayed, or late, or something. Their Function, their Brief covers everything in those circumstances...I dont, frankly, know why Jesus Himself would bother, simply appearing and dissapearing infront of Joshua with a cryptic message about his Title...or why he would bother wrestling with Abraham...thats what grunts are for...since when does the president, personally lead the troops into Battle??? Jesus MUSTNT lead the troops into battle...he has NO NEED for troops if he tried to do that...his mere presence would be enough...there IS NO WAR if you put Christ as the head of the Angelic Armed Forces...So He CANT be Christ.
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