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I'll put it like this Nathan,

suppose you do a Drama, a reconstruction of the Passion of The the person who plays the part of Christ, and receites exactly what Christ Says...are they blaspheming?? By making out that they ARE GOD? for that is what anyone who plays the part of Christ will have to they are riding on a donkey into Jerusalem, with crowds Cheering, and laying down palms...are they accepting Worship?

Or is what matters...not who they are...put what they are portraying. The actors, dont matter do they? and yet one actor must play the part of Christ...he is unimportant...just what he represents is whats important.

THAT is how I unify what Michael is seen to have done. He is acting on behalf of Christ, with Christs full say-so. Like an Ambassidor for a country who presents his Governments case...He has not made the decisions...and who he is, personally, is unimportant...and yet, HE is the one to say what his Government tell him to say...That doesnt make him the President...does it?
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