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I guess it depends on the way each individual sees the fight because I saw Fitch winning by Unanimous decision and I clearly saw Frankie Losing the first round 10-8 and winning the remainder of the fight convincingly.
i didnt cite the "fight" but specific rounds for a reason.

Even you concede that Edgar lost the first round 10-8, which given the JUDGES findings for the rest of the fight would have rendered a decision not a draw.

compared to the 1st round of the edgar fight, rd3 of the penn fitch fight was much less damaging or dominant. YET the judges did render a 10-8 for fitch. Had there been consistent 10-8 critera this fight would not have gone to a draw either.

If we had consistency in rendering 10-8's then neither of the high profile fights that have sparked the extra round debate would have been rendered a draw - this is the point i was making. I dont neccesarily agree with the judges findings for the other rounds either.
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