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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
you can, if you dont give him a new belt. At the start of every Championship fight, the last belt is effectively Void. Therefore in order to defend and retain, you have to be awarded another belt.

the Belts are NOT linear...which means, its impoosible for a contender to TAKE someone elses also means it is the BELT that signifies the Champion.

UFC 125, Maynard is the contender, he is after gaining a belt, that Belt will be active from the moment he is declaired winner, to the moment he first fights to retain. Meanwhile Edgar enters the fight as the Champion...but his belt is void the moment the fight begins... a NEW Champion is thus ALWAYS declaired. The person maybe the same, but the Belts are unique to that event. There IS a UFC125 belt, because they ALWAYS have a new belt ready. if they do not give it out...neither guy can call himself a champion...because neither guy has the Belt...therefore the position in in absentia. The belt remains with the company...presumably it will NEVER be worn, because a different one will be made for the rematch.

IF thats the case...then there is NO champion in that division. BUT I suspect you find that that belt that was strapped onto Edgar at the end of the Fight, was the NEW Belt...signifying that, regardless of the Draw...he gets the NEW title...therefore there IS a winner and a looser.

But we now need to clarify that.
In boxing, pro wrestling, etc., you have to beat the champ to earn his belt. A draw in a championship fight isn't BEATING the champ, thus, the champ keeps his belt.
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